Application Instructions

Vitiligo Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is recommended for anyone at risk of developing Vitiligo disease. Although there is currently no evidence-based data regarding the relationship between food and depigmentation, certain dietary changes may make a difference. 

  • A gluten-free diet can assist our products in reducing the appearance of depigmented areas but only for those who have celiac disease. 

  • Many people affected with Vitiligo have shown deficiency in Vitamin D. It is still vague whether or not Vitamin D is directly related to pigmentation but sun light often boosts the efficiency of Vitilo® products. 

  • B12 deficiencies have been more common with people who have Vitiligo than the average population. So corresponding supplements may assist our products after regulating B12 levels. 

  • Stay away from immunity-booting supplements because they may trigger an advanced reaction.